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Easy way to get your
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HomeTodo is an application for planning household cares.

Create tasks not to miss important things. HomeTodo will remind you in advance to replace the filter, to refill the air conditioner, to clean the aquarium, to add plant fertilizer and so on.

You don't need to remember about anything. HomeTodo will do!

Clean Up With Home Todo!
HomeTodo Menu screen
HomeTodo Tasks list screen
Add your Houses, Rooms and Accessories to HomeTodo and get started.

House is every building that requires maintenance. It can be your apartment, country house or townhouse, parents ' apartment, etc.

Each House has Rooms: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage and others. Add them to your Houses so you can sort the tasks, get statistics, and maintain order.

Add Accessories — any items that require service: vacuum cleaner, kettle, fireplace and so on. Attach Accessories to Homes and Rooms, put everything in order.

Plan what to do with HOME TODO
HomeTodo new Task screen
HomeTodo Task list screen
Plan your household cares with HomeTodo and keep everything under control!

Add Tasks and set the date when it should be done.

Tasks can be one-time or periodic. One-time tasks are simple reminders, such as “call an electrician” or “buy the pump.”

Periodic Tasks are repeated in time: every day, every Friday, 2 times a year. For example, “replace the aquarium filter“, “buy washing powder“, “fill up the air conditioner” and so on.

HomeTodo will remind you about deadlines and help not to miss an important task. After all, Tasks differ. Some can be done on the day, and others need to be prepared in advance. For example, to buy the details or plan the visit to a specialist.

Save the history
HomeTodo Task is done screen
HomeTodo Notifications screen
Set notifications and track your progress. It's easy with HomeTodo!

There is no need to search for necessary information in notebooks, receipts, photo albums on your phone, events in calendar, or folders on your computer.

Keep the history of completed tasks in HomeTodo. Take a picture of the replaced filter, write down the vehicle mileage, leave a comment about the specialist who performed servicing.

Download Home Todo
HomeTodo Start screen
HomeTodo Menu screen
HomeTodo will remember important household cares instead of you and notify in time about the date.
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